Monday, August 20, 2012

Defend the Abbey! Brushfire Vandalands

Well, these guys reminded me of Redwall, and I don't really remember many details about the series, except a few characters' names (not very interesting), the the eponymous wall (which was a bit too obvious), and that there was an abbey, so that's what you get.

If you're not familiar with the these minis, they're from the Brushfire line made by On the Lamb. I haven't met any of them in person, but I've encountered members of the company occasionally on forums, and they seem enthusiastic about gaming and their world.

This was probably the nicest and most posable mini of the set, with socket joins and an alternative head. I felt that the eyes on this berserker came out best, harkening back to Matt Groening's style of drawing little animals.

While bright, I wanted to stick to natural tones for all of the fabric here, emphasizing a medieval feel. With all of the dark fantasy that abounds, I felt working with a white undercoat and a lighter palate refreshing. I tried to capture some of the color of old medieval illustrations (you know, the overcrowded ones with silly perspective ) in these.

I wanted to do something special, here, and went with a much more saturated color palate. I feel like this one photographed the best, regarding the skin/fur color. I spent a little time researching rat (and hamster) fur colors and tried to match it closely, which I think paid off.

For the scale and feel of the game, the older and distinctly/clearly hand-sculpted look of the minis feels nicely consistent, and has me interested in tackling some more of these, as lighter fare.


  1. Good job, I like the lighter saturation of the colors as well. I think you'd like the Marmot Medic.

  2. Thanks, both of you!

    Also, I checked the Medic out-- I particularly like the detail/volume on the fabric. Thanks for the suggestion!