Thursday, May 24, 2012

Technology & Magnets

"Two posts in one day?!" Yep, with a long weekend coming up, I'm finishing out some work that had gotten backed up (in this case, after waiting for a replacement part to arrive).

With these two kits, the goal was twofold:

First, give them good poses.

Second, and much more complex, magnetize them. This was a bit more of a challenge than usual for a couple reasons.

There was the matter of attaching wrist mounts with no sockets, which took some working to get right

Then there was the matter of posing: the weapons point in two directions- wrist mounted ones followed the arm, while swords were perpendicular to them.
The Banshee, most traditional, was the simplest of the three designs. This just set the tone for the poses, though I fine-tuned them, as I got the model worked out.

Because I didn't want any bulky devices attaching to the wrists, I couldn't put metal between the two halves, nor could I mount the magnets to the hack of the models' hands, as that wouldn't angle them correctly. I eventually went with the thinnest plasticard I had, and made small tabs that would rest between the pair of wrist magnets.

The Daemon's simpler designs made it fairly straightforward, regarding posing, since I already saw how the arms would be structured.
The sphynx was much more trouble, however, as, in several positions that made the arms work well, the claws would extend below the model's feet.

The answer was a wider-set pose for the first design, making it more of an action pose, while the second received a more traditional stance, where the head and waist gave the model flow, through a twist.

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