Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cadwallons, part 4

My final Cadwallon commission (for now) has been a fun, and one of the bigger commissions I've done.  

While this is an end, it's also a beginning-- this is the first set of photos I've taken with my new light box. I'm still getting the hang of it, but am pretty happy with the results, most notably a significant reduction in glare.

These ogres have been some of the most complex models I've painted, due to the myrad materials involved in each one. While I love the non-uniform look, I'm happy to call these guys done! The right mini is a duplicate, which I gave some brighter colors than before.
 (These ones aren't new, just re-shot, since I had the opportunity)
I liked the clothing on the center model from this set, though I've never really understood backwards-gripped swords...
 Another set of repeats, just a subtler version of the previous set.
 Rackham dwarves are an interesting lot, that have really grown on me. I love the pair on the far right. Great character and movement.
I decided to try a warm grey/gold scheme on this trio, in order to avoid more obvious nature-themed color schemes.
I'm particularly happy with the metal effects I got on these four, and the third model in has some great motion.
 Another three repeats, with slightly more colorful scabbards, to distinguish them from their brothers. The swordsman is another great example of Rackham poses.
Saving my favorites for the end, the Cadwollan Guild of Necromancy (above and below), which has recently been re-released, are some spectacular minis. Particularly the three below were great to work on. Regardless of whether I get in to the game with the new support, I'm considering picking up a set of these minis for my collection.

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