Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ashara (Dark Eldar Heroine)

This was a fun little commission-- my favorite type of commissions are actually single pieces (there's no way they get repetitive).

Raging Heroes is a small company that does some nice minis, but this is the first of theirs that I've painted. The pose was decent (reminiscent of late 80's miniatures poses) but with some very nice detail, especially for how delicate the parts were. I also appreciate how a few different pieces allowed it to fit in two separate lines.

On the commission itself, it was pretty open-ended- essentially, purple armor and orange hair & tassels, and something like the studio paint job. I added some dark red to the cloth to distinguish it from the purple armor, while avoiding making it distract from the rest by adding too much contrast. The green details were to oppose the purple, and even more importantly, so the bright orange wasn't the only bright spot on the model.

I did some of the highest contrast highlights I've done on this, to accentuate the already sharp edges.

The client is going to do their own thing with the base, so this is just temporary, but I think that the wider base does something good for the cloth, accentuating the flow, rather than the sleeves just hanging out over space.

But, enough words, here's the mini:


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