Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Black Operations part 5: Venoms and Starweavers

It would hardly be a Dark Eldar army without some vehicles, right?
For the Venom crews, I tried to make them feel closer to the rest of the Mandrake army. It did't really make sense to have the gunners jumping around, so I didn't do any more full Witch conversions, instead going with a fairly lightly armored look, and going with minimal crew.

The stripped-down crew worked out pretty nicely, since it actually left enough room on the vehicles to stick a rider, which was a pretty easy reminder of which vehicles were currently occupied. (This was a WIP, at maybe 90% complete, before refining a bit here and there.) I also went with a streamlined feel, leaving off almost all of the accessories, as my client preferred the sleeker look.
To vary things up, two of the "Venoms" were based on Harlequin Starweavers. Taking advantage of (rather meshing with, since it was planned) the minimalism above, I tried to keep these with a similarly sleek aesthetic, this time with unmanned turrets, to give more room on the decks.

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