Thursday, December 21, 2017

Indiana Jones... Or Lucas McCabe... Or Illinois Smith? - Sculpting project

It's fairly rare that I get such a specific conversion project... I got to browse a ton of Indiana Jones photos to get the style just right.

While I'm quite happy with the coat, and think it and the horse's dappling effect came out the best, I think the most technically challenging part of the model was the hat. Referencing Indiana Jones's hat... it's bizarrely tall. Like, it looks like it would weigh a lot.

Either way, my client wanted this heavily modified version of Lucas McCabe, who was a pretty obvious fit with Indiana Jones. While his backstory involves more mercenary looting and magic swords (hence Indiana's upgrade from machete to giant glowing scimitar) and less Nazi killing and scholarship, they're both pseudo-Western treasure hunters, with a heavy adventuring bent.

Below is the mostly complete sculpt, before I trimmed down his coat and cleaned up a few details.

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