Monday, October 21, 2013

The Fires of Industry - Malifaux Arcanist Constructs

'nuff said.

Well, not quite. The Rail Golem is pretty awesome looking. Slightly more organic looking than I like my machines, but one of the coolest Malifaux big baddies.

I really liked painting the dirty look of this guy (the brown on his legs looks a bit dimmer in person, was having some issues with color balancing today- you shoulda' seen it before I 'shopped it) and am looking forward to eventually painting my own, though I think mine might bet a less anthropomorphic head.

Last, but, well, I guess least, the diminutive fire gamin were pretty fun to paint. I spent a while getting a sort of charred exterior look to them.

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  1. They look great, can't wait to see them on the table.