Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why 13?! Warhound Titan WIP part 2


Working on some of the larger freehand and the main carapace, this time.

A bit redesigned, though not heavily. The metallics look very crisp in my opinion, and I'm pretty happy with how some extra highlighting on the grey turned out (though, of course, the flash made it look way worse :/)

In this shot, you can also see the beginnings of the Blood Angels shin. I can see why my client wanted to send me his bottle of discontinued red ink to wash the red parts-- it really gives the red a kick taht takes it from red to a really saturated crimson.

The reason for the thread's title... this infuriating freehand work. Now, I'm usually happy to do freelance, but...13?! Being a fan of 40k's setting, I needed to step back into the dread realm of freehand that I hadn't needed to deal with since I painted my own small Adeptus Mechanicus force.

If you're not aware, this is the 13-toothed cog.The traditional cog, which not even Forge World always gets right, has 1 cog for each High Lord (12) plus 1 for the Emperor. This is fine and all, until you get to trying to work out the geometry of this nonsense. 13, being a prime number, has no sensible way of dividing and prepping the design, so you're stuck with knowing the spacing of 12 cogs, then needing to eyeball* the rest. Fortunately, the structure of the hull had enough reference points that, once I got half done, I was able to match the other one and fine tune both in the process.

*yes, one can do the math, but I'd need to get paid a lot more for my painting to map 27.6º increments for the cogs with that accuracy on a non-Euclidian surface :p

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