Saturday, September 22, 2012

Copy, Blue Leader. - TRON-inspired YuJing (part 2)

Normally I save the proverbial big guns for last, but I was just too happy with this guy not to lead with my favorite. This may be the cleanest sculpted and best cast large model I've ever worked with, which made it a lot of fun to paint.

For what I find are often throwaway poses without any real attention (single piece minis with a gun, that is), these were really dynamic and had a good deal of character. I actually felt they had a little too much personality, because it made duplicate poses a little trickier to work with, though I still like them (and feel that Infinity's faces are really solid).

Three more minis, again exemplifying Infinity's strong sense of pose. I often find myself modifying minis' heads in order to get something dynamic going on, but never feel the need with this line.

My other favorites, after the O-Yoroi suit, would have to be this pair. I feel the TRON base made them look really sleek, with of course the TRON bike reference (coulda' been fun to try to model the walls or w/e that they create, with acetate and an airbrush...), but also because of the special ops look that glossy black created.

In a parallel universe involving my client picking the other theme for these guys that we were talking about, I would instead be talking about how much fun it had been to make a whole bunch of Akira references on these spiffy bikes. I'm still considering doing that, myself, but I have a bajillion other personal projects in the works. Yes, I can use the word "bajillion." I'm talking about science fiction, which gives me the right to use any jargon or made up words I feel like.

The swords here really emphasize how different Infinity's sense of futuristic combat is from most settings. Where your average combat game (that I've played) tends to have a balance of melee and range, the Infinity's distinct emphasis on ranged combad shows a more realistic approach.

Confession time: while I have some Infinity minis, I've yet to actually read the rules more than superficially, nor actually play the game... I hope that doesn't make me a bad gamer...

So I lied-- I saved some of the angle shots for the end, just 'cause I felt like it. Really, one of the nicest big minis I've painted.

Finally, something I don't often do, a nice big group shot. While I'm not the happiest with it (the photo, not the project), it was a lot of fun setting out a nice, big displat of the whole force together. It gives a better sense of scale and order to the pics I've been taking.

Well, until next time, and all that...

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