Monday, July 30, 2012

Protectorate Commission

Another commission for the growing Protectorate army I've been working on...

I've always liked the shape of the Reckoner chassis-- it's one of the more interesting evolutions of technology in the Warmachine setting: where most seem somewhat arbitrary, and based more on visual variation than narrative, the Reckoner/Castigator represents a Protectorate warjack, instead of the earlier amalgamated ones.

A secondary choir-- I reversed and changed some of the details, and added new scrolls in a different color of parchment, to make it clear which models were from which unit, while keeping them aesthetically similar to the original squad. (Note: the priest's Menofix was missing, this will be replaced in the future...)

While the weapon is pretty silly, I enjoyed the details and pose on this model-- this shows one of the nicer evolutions in style, from the original Daughters of the Flame.

I find the Sunburst to be one of the more underrated Protectorate models. There's a lot of character in the pieces, and it was a lot of fun doing the rust on the artillery piece, itself.

Speaking of underrating, Rhupert was always a model that I thought was pretty mediocre-- my own's been sitting around for years without a finished paint job. However, in trying to match the feel to the Protectorate force, I picked up on a lot of details that I missed, most notably, the three beast heads on his pipes.

In addition to the new pieces above, I also worked on these minis-- after a USPS foul up*, I ended up needing to paint another set of minis. I think I did a nicer job on the gold with these ones, and my client was nice enough to offer to finish the basing, himself.

So, some more angry zealots (and their captives)...

*helpful hint, kids-- never ship without insurance! It costs marginally more than tracking, and, even if nothing happens, it means postal workers will treat your package with respect... instead of filling it with hinges. True story.

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