Monday, July 30, 2018

WYSIWYG - Hannah, Through the Breach / Kickstarter Edition

Honestly, I was pretty happy to get a chance to paint the Kickstarter edition of Hannah. I think the model has a decent pose, and think she's got just a great rules set (we'll see about next edition...), and basically the only issue I have with the model is she's huge.

Way more importantly, though, she's pretty cool looking and actually has the gear represented by her rules: It still mystifies me, why the standard edition doesn't even represent her weapon.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Black Operations part 6: Dark Eldar Ravagers

Honestly, the Raider/Ravager redesign some years back had me extremely sorely tempted to start an army for my personal collection. I think the vehicles are just fantastically well-designed, as a mix of the original design and an updated, more explicitly pirate-themed look that evokes classic sailing (mostly) without feeling out of scale.

These are, of course, painted for the Mandrake army I've been adding to for the last while; I was going for pretty much as sleek and stripped-down look as I could get, while letting that teal really pop. I repurposed the "squad" look, with helmeted captains/pilots (heads from misc. dark elf kits), and, with a little tweaking, got it so the sponsons are actually replaceable.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Gather 'Round for a Story - A Life Update (also, a pretty Kingdom Death Lion Knight)

Some of you readers may have noticed my posts have been a bit sparse, recently. So, this post will be a little different than usual, in that I'm stepping a little outside gaming, painting, or reviews, to say a little about myself.

The short version is, describing my life right now as "tumultuous" would be an understatement.