Monday, April 27, 2020

Ghosts of the Past - Monochrome Kingdom Death bosses and survivors

Continuing an older commission that got lost in posting and life, I'm happy to post a complete core I've done in a style that honestly surprised me.

My client wanted an extremely narrow palate for his Kingdom Death collection, and the results are these very distinct minis that capture some of the abstraction of the "official" style, mixed with my own love of lighting effects.

The above survivors are the advanced half of a core I had worked with before (link below), where I worked with my client to figure out a healthy variety of miniatures to have a versatile set to pick from. My favorite is definitely the lantern armored gal with the dragon slayer.

Finishing off the core, this may be departing a bit from the idea of a "gold" smoke knight, but I think this guy took on an ethereal/haunted (and somewhat Japanese mythological) sensibility done with just the cold blue.

(Some of you may have noticed that my above survivors incorporated some expansion components. Yep, there's more where these came from!)

Because these guys have an interesting effect together, links to the previous blue models: Core nemeses Core Quarries Core Survivors

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